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Is it Safe to Hire a Job Hopper?

If you were presented the candidate who matches every single need of your organization, but he or she had acquired the skills, traits, and history in brief stints; what would you do? We’d like to dispel some of the myths that come with job hoppers in the 21st century, and point out some statistics that you should know.

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10 Hiring Sins that Could Cost More than Just a Candidate

Are you putting your company at risk as a hiring manager? With more and more access to candidates’ information, you could be running the risk of finding out too much.

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The Overture Group Co-Founder Awarded “Women of Influence"

Another day, another recognition for one of The Overture Group’s co-founders. Now the managing director of our Cedar Rapids, Iowa location, Brandi Adam Mueller recently cemented her status as an outstanding business leader in Iowa with her recent induction to the Corridor Business Journal’s Women of Influence 2015 list.

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The Overture Group Sponsors Hearts for Homeless

Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of others? Then join us on February 28, 2015 at the 26th Annual Hearts for the Homeless Families, hosted by Catholic Charities and sponsored in part by The Overture Group.

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The A-I-D-A Guide to Building the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

The A-I-D-A Guide to Building the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

AIDA—Attention. Interest. Desire (Decision). Action. If you’ve worked in sales or marketing, or seen the first 20 minutes of the classic movie Glengarry Glen Ross, you know what it means. But how can you transfer this, as a job seeker, to your LinkedIn profile? It’s easier than you think.

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International Experience: A Benefit or Prerequisite for CFOs?

It’s been shown that time abroad can benefit a career, but a new study shows that it may become a prerequisite for aspiring chief financial officers seeking positions at large organizations.

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How to Show Employee Gratitude without Hurting Your Bank

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, employers are looking for unique opportunities to show gratitude to employees for their hard work and dedication each day. But why focus on a single day to do so?

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Career Resolutions for 2015

Ready to start making New Year’s resolutions? Don’t wait until December 30, or worse, January 1 to start making these resolutions to live a better life in 2015. With failure rates north of 85%, few people even feel confident that they will complete their resolutions before they begin.

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Workaholism Could Be Killing Your Career

Are you a workaholic? Do you pride yourself on your long hours and think that said extended hours are making you more successful on the job? We have some bad news for you—your workaholic lifestyle isn’t helping you look better and could actually be detrimental to your career growth.

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What’s on Your Bookshelf? Top CEOs Share Favorite Books

If you’re looking for a deeper look into your improving your leadership, look no further than the books that the strongest leaders of the day read.

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