CFO skills to look for

10 Skills CEOs Look for in Hiring a CFO

The role of Chief Financial Officer is evolving. Beyond financial management, the modern CFO must have communication skills, lead teams, and more.

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Businesspeople standing in an office smilings at the camera

Sales Compensation Trends

Attract and retain top talent by implementing a rewarding sales compensation structure. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks from different models in our latest blog.

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Positive Organizational Culture

How to Positively Influence Your Organizational Climate

Your workplace climate describes how employees perceive your culture. In this article, The Overture Group covers how to influence yours.

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Variable compensation explained

What is Variable Compensation?

Learn more about variable compensation. We cover benefits, key elements, and real-world examples in driving performance.

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2023 Trends

Trends Following The Great Resignation

Years out from The Great Resignation, salaries are still beyond pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, employees now say they regret their resignations. Learn more.

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Stay Conversation

The Power of Stay Conversations: How to Retain Top Talent

Stay conversations are a powerful tool that enables managers to actively engage with employees and retain top talent. In this blog, we share how to effectively integrate them at your organization.

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Onboarding a manager

How to Onboard Managers

Discover the key strategies and best practices for effectively onboarding managers. Learn how to foster a smooth transition, align company values, and set managers up for success in their new roles.

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Disengaged Employee

How to Tell When Employees are Disengaged

Are your employees disengaged? Disengagement can impact worker satisfaction, retention, and productivity, so it's important to take your suspicion seriously.

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Skill Gaps

How to Assess and Address Skill Gaps

Need to assess and address skill gaps within your department or team? Here's our step-by-step method to find and fix those missing skillsets.

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Leader and Employee

How Employees Build Trust with Leadership

Trustworthy employees are more likely to be given opportunities. The Overture Group provides guidance on how employees can build trust with leadership.

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