Positive Organizational Culture

How to Positively Influence Your Organizational Climate

Your workplace climate describes how employees perceive your culture. In this article, The Overture Group covers how to influence yours.

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Disengaged Employee

How to Tell When Employees are Disengaged

Are your employees disengaged? Disengagement can impact worker satisfaction, retention, and productivity, so it's important to take your suspicion seriously.

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Skill Gaps

How to Assess and Address Skill Gaps

Need to assess and address skill gaps within your department or team? Here's our step-by-step method to find and fix those missing skillsets.

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Leader and Employee

How Employees Build Trust with Leadership

Trustworthy employees are more likely to be given opportunities. The Overture Group provides guidance on how employees can build trust with leadership.

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Leaders at work

How Leaders Build Trust in the Workplace

Trustworthy leaders can transform a team dynamic and improve turnover rates. The Overture Group provides guidance on how leaders can build trust with employees.

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Trends in Writing Reports Publicly and Privately

Trends in Writing Reports Publicly and Privately

As the new year begins, many who participate in authoring annual reports and proxy statements will benefit from recognizing the changing landscape of formal organization documentation and publications.

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HR Leadership

How an Effective HR Leader Can Help Drive Results

Many middle-market privately held companies are becoming increasingly aware of how an effective human resource leader can contribute to the success of the business’s bottom line. Consider just a few of the significant changes that have taken place in the last 10 or 15 years that represent continuing challenges for many businesses.

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Person moving out of their office

Turnover in Leadership Can Be an Opportunity

In today’s job market when one of your senior executives decides it is time to leave and gives notice, do not panic. Use this time to regroup, assess, plan and then execute.

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People meeting each other

How Authentic Networking Leads to Growth

I will forever be grateful to the supervisor who encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and meet new people.

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Human Resources

HR Competitive Advantage Trends for the Middle Market

Many middle market companies have shifted their view of HR from an administrative cost center to a value-added strategic function of the business. This is a crucial advantage for those companies attracting and retaining top talent.

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