Trends in Writing Reports Publicly and Privately

Trends in Writing Reports Publicly and Privately

As the new year begins, many who participate in authoring annual reports and proxy statements will benefit from recognizing the changing landscape of formal organization documentation and publications.

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HR Leadership

How an Effective HR Leader Can Help Drive Results

Many middle-market privately held companies are becoming increasingly aware of how an effective human resource leader can contribute to the success of the business’s bottom line. Consider just a few of the significant changes that have taken place in the last 10 or 15 years that represent continuing challenges for many businesses.

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Person moving out of their office

Turnover in Leadership Can Be an Opportunity

In today’s job market when one of your senior executives decides it is time to leave and gives notice, do not panic. Use this time to regroup, assess, plan and then execute.

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People meeting each other

How Authentic Networking Leads to Growth

I will forever be grateful to the supervisor who encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and meet new people.

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Human Resources

HR Competitive Advantage Trends for the Middle Market

Many middle market companies have shifted their view of HR from an administrative cost center to a value-added strategic function of the business. This is a crucial advantage for those companies attracting and retaining top talent.

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Two people Shaking Hands

Change in Control Severance Plans in Private Companies

To retain executives, many companies include severance benefits in an initial employment offer. These benefits guarantee some remuneration in the event of a termination as a result of a change in control (CIC)

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woman presenting to a group

2018 New Year Trends in Search & Recruitment

There are a few trends that we estimate will be significant in 2018 including the impact of demographics, technology in the talent acquisition process, an emphasis on employer branding, the affect of healthcare news on recruitment and the importance of attractive employee perks.

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people in a conference room

What Board Members Ask About Nonprofit Executive Compensation

To avoid issues with the IRS, and the public, nonprofit organizations must be conscientious when making decisions regarding executive compensation. Finding a healthy balance of competitive, but not excessive, compensation is essential.

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red phone screen

Caution Ahead: Social Media & You

Reaching out on social media to friends and those we love has now become easier than ever. However, after the recent Harvard student fiasco, now is a good time to think about your personal social media accounts.

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text on paper trump's tax plan

5 Ways Trump Tax Plan May Influence Executive Compensation

His proposal includes tax reforms that would reduce marginal tax rates for individuals and businesses. If the legislation passes, here are just a few features of his plan that will effect companies and their compensation programs:

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