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The Benefits of Non-Monetary Incentives

Compensation comes in all shapes and sizes. Two of the most common forms are base salary and annual bonus. These two, of course, come in the form of monetary or cash compensation. There are other forms of compensation, which one could argue are more important than these.

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2020 Merit Increases & Other Timely Compensation Facts

It’s hard to believe that it’s salary budgeting time of the year again. I’m probably in denial, refusing to let go of the last few glimpses of summer!

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Corporate Culture — What is it and Why Does it Matter?

Corporate Culture — What is it and Why Does it Matter?

These days I hear the word company culture used in many ways. We see it used in job postings, employers constantly talk about having a great culture, and I hear many employees who have lost their jobs say they were let go because they were not a cultural fit. Although the word is used quite frequently not many people can really articulate what it means.

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Robots Entering The Workplace

Don’t worry about a robot taking your job. Buy a robot and spend time doing more meaningful work.

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Vacation Time Off

What Does Your Vacation Policy Say to New Hires?

Vacation time. All companies offer it, but many times it can become a sticking point during hiring negotiations because there are still many companies out there who wish to stick with older, outdated corporate vacation policies.

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Two Easy Ways to Lose Out on Quality Candidates

Some organizations find themselves putting in hours of effort, only to have their top candidates decline an offer. Why is that?

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What's the Line Between Recruiting & Social Media Usage?

As younger generations enter the workforce, will LinkedIn’s powerful influence continue, or will these activities shift to other social platforms?

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Win the War on Talent: How to Attract and Retain Employees

How well does your organization attract, motivate and retain key talent? With multiple generations in the workforce today, it’s more important than ever your organization has a well-developed process and the candidate/employee experience to attract the right talent.

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Selecting the Right References: 4 Things to Consider

Some may think reference checks are a practice of the past; however, at The Overture Group, we conduct thorough reference checks for all final candidates. References are a significant part of the process and should not be overlooked.

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The Candidate’s Guide to Executive Search Firm Success

What should you look for when choosing an executive search firm?

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