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9 Ways of Measuring Talent and Recruiting Efforts

Avoiding a hiring mistake and trying to retain the best talent takes more effort than one might think. The competition for the best talent is increasing and agencies are faced with more hiring challenges.

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How to Make a Good Virtual Interview Impression

Nowadays, hiring managers are using more cost effective yet efficient ways to get passed the interview process. The phone interview is one way to reduce travel costs but with today’s technology, more and more interviewers are choosing a video or Skype interview, especially if the position is out of state or country.

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The Overture Group Passes Five-Year Milestone

Happy 5 year anniversary to The Overture Group!

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Unexpected Hiring Tips for CIO’s Building an IT Team

Finding a great IT team to tackle all the technical challenges that happen on a daily basis may seem out of reach for some chief information officers. However, there are a few tips and tricks to finding the real IT all-stars your IT department and CIO needs.

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Companies are Stumped by Tools for Finding the Right Talent

Let’s face it, not many people can predict the future very accurately, especially not hiring managers.

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Defying Hiring Challenges in a Candidate-Driven Market

In a robust economy, many organizations are eagerly seeking new talent. However, some companies do not have the time or resources to orchestrate the hiring process, let alone finding the right candidate.

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Why C-Suite Positions Are Staying Open Longer

It’s no coincidence that the same CFO job position is still lingering on the same company job board. In a new WSJ report, recruiters explain why the hiring process has slowed down and why jobs are staying vacant longer in the U.S.

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What Does it Take to Make the Jump from CFO to CEO?

Not all CFOs aspire to be a CEO in their future career move, and not all who aspire achieve, but among those CEOs leading Forbes Global 2000 companies in 2015, 13% have come from the CFO role, and 18% have come from senior finance positions.

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Do Yearly Employee Reviews Actually Increase Performance?

Year after year, companies have slowly ditched the traditional performance review. The reason? Management hasn’t noticed improvement after appraisals were given.

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Finding Tomorrow’s Leader Today: Succession Planning

Succession planning, finding a qualified individual to continue the success of your company, is one of the most complex and stressful tasks for any manager or executive.

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