Filling the Gap Between Job Openings and Employment

September 22, 2015


In a recent publication by Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a significant amount of job openings in the United States compared to rate of employment from August 2015. Over 1 million of those job openings, 19.8 percent of the total, were in professional and business services.

These professional and business services include accounting, technical, as well management and administrative service jobs.

On many occasions, a company or organization has faced a sudden announcement of a CFO, controller or HR manager leaving on short notice and this can cost the company indefinitely. The longer these job openings stay vacant and unfilled, productivity flags, and opportunity fades.

It can also cost a company a significant amount of time and money when an organization hires the wrong person for the job.

So how can the professional and business services industry quickly and effectively hire new employees? The executive on-boarding 90 day plan is proven to successfully transition new employees into an organization.

The Objectives of Onboarding

The objective of the process may vary somewhat by company. For professionals, managers and executives the objectives are typically to:

  • Help make new employees feel welcome
  • Accelerate a new employee’s contribution and productivity
  • Reduce the risk of turnover of the new employee
  • Improve customer or client satisfaction
  • Align the new person’s role to both short and long term needs of the company

Three Steps for a Successful New Hire Orientation

Becoming acquainted:

Typically first 30 days (timeframe may vary based on size and complexity of organization).

Work group orientation:

Focuses on the department and the people with whom this person most closely works.

External orientation:

Focuses on key external relationships that the organization has or should have that are relevant to the hiree’s position.

For the full outline of three steps for a successful new hire, go to our blog or check out our whitepaper, On-Boarding: An Investment In Your Team.

Following these steps to a successful orientation can maximize a company’s investment in a new professional, manager or executive. 

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