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Six Fundamentals for ‘Shared Leadership’

The concept of “shared leadership” ensures every team member takes ownership to contribute to the group’s overall success. This means you don’t just have one or two leaders raising the bar but a team effort to ensure success.

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Building a Strategic HR Department

Although HR is responsible for the hiring strategy that will ultimately help grow the company and make it successful, HR executives often complain that they do not feel as if they are not viewed as strategic leaders within the organizational hierarchy.

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4 Essential Steps for Hiring Senior Executives

Although every hiring decision is important, the hiring of a senior executive is one of the most critical to successfully reaching your organization’s goals. It will be these top-level executives that ultimately make the key decisions that drive company growth, including hiring and/or approving additional hires.

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5 Tips to Bridge the Skills Gap

What is the skills gap, how is it affecting the growth of American Companies, and what can employers do to find the right employees? How can you, as a company, overcome the gap and provide long-term company returns?

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Aligning Strategy & Culture for Long Term Employee Buy-In

Strategy versus culture. Culture versus strategy. The age old battle. Recruiters, human resource departments, and companies as a whole have struggled to understand and agree on which is more important to bringing overall organizational success. But what can you do to ensure that you are properly cultivating both?

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Recruiting: 6 Tips for Employers to Develop a Sales Pitch

A key part of your strategy for attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent is to first determine why a candidate will want this position and also why he’ll want to work for your company. You need to be able to sell both the job opportunity, and your company.

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How to Maintain an Ongoing Recruiting Process

Keeping a long-term strategy in mind while recruiting and developing new talent is one of the most important concepts that some recruiters fail to grasp. By considering the positional recruitment a one-and-done idea, companies are falling behind competitors. How can you avoid this one-time mentality, and develop an efficient and organized talent management team?

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Is Your Resume Failing the Skim Test?

It is estimated that the average recruiter spends just 6 seconds looking over a resume and a typical job opening in the corporate setting will receive about 250 resumes. This means you have very little time to stand out against a whole lot of competition.

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6 Functions Your Training Program Should Not Miss

The degree to which employees in your organization are “engaged” (meaning truly committed to an organization’s success vs. “doing a job”) has been shown to have a direct impact on profitability. A motivated, engaged and well-trained workforce can help increase value-added revenue per employee by $5,000 to $10,000 and sometimes even more.

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Recruiting Tips: 4 Personality Types You’ll Have to Close

A large part of how successful your recruiting efforts will be is based on how well you can read a candidate. This includes understanding more than just what they’re looking for, but what motivates and drives a particular candidate to take action.

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