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man in suit with text caption preparing for a CFO interview

How to Prepare for a CFO Interview as a Financial Executive

Take your financial career to the next level. As an aspiring financial executive, the ability to think ahead is a must-have trait. So why, on many occasions, do people attempting to take on a new financial leadership position wait until the night before an interview to prepare?

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S.E.A.R.C.H acronym text

The SEARCH Acronym and Its Effect on Team Building

Do you want to empower your team to grow and lead? Do you want to create a viable HR strategy focused on communication, teamwork, and leadership development? A wise person once said, “if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.”

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man and woman having a conversation

Why Working with Recruiters is Common Sense

A boom in the economy means that hiring continues to increase, more and more jobs are created, and competition for top talent becomes more intense. This means that companies are trying to keep their talent or find the right talent even more aggressively. Business is evolving, and you need to be hiring on all cylinders in order to adapt or die.

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person holding cellphone with no symbol

Disconnect from Your Smartphone to be More Successful

We’ve already covered the importance of ditching your inbox first thing in the morning in order to see more success, but what’s next? We now would like to take a look at something much smaller that could be inhibiting your impression on management and coworkers in the workplace—Your Smartphone.

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pen charting on paper

The Highs and Lows of the Most Recent Employment Report

We are pleased to report that the unemployment rate is finally dropping, hiring is increasing across the board, and employers are making strides to hire strategically. However, just as every cloud has a silver lining, this growth is now putting additional stresses on internal hiring managers—Reports say that filling open positions is harder than ever. How is this happening, and how can you make the most from this?

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hand and leadership words

The Rise of the ‘Elite’ Leadership Team

With the economy improving slowly but steadily, the continuing entrepreneurial drive of employees, and the increasing cost of a bad executive hire; building a leadership team that brings out the best of the organization is becoming increasingly important to the future of the company.

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number 4

4 Roles of the Modern Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

What traits make the position vital to business? What traits do aspiring CFOs need?

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5 Major Company Benefits from Consistent Training

5 Major Company Benefits from Consistent Training

Training is not just for the first week. As companies recognize shorter and shorter employee tenures, many organizations seek ways to keep the best employees and allow them to succeed strategically. But what can your company do to ensure the best employees understand their value and are allowed room for growth?

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hand writing thank you

The Power of ‘Thank You’ & How to Write the Perfect Letter

This important, yet often overlooked communication, the thank you letter, has become much more than a formality. Find out why a proper thank you is important to your career.

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