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Job Descriptions: 5 Points to Stop Boring Applicants

Candidates have spent the past years applying for jobs in which the hiring organization has had the most power in recent memory. But this is no longer the case. Now, in something we would like to call the second war for talent, the candidate has been gaining power and is now fighting off multiple offers from multiple organizations.

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Easing Candidate Application Pain Points

The battlefield has shifted, and we are now entering into something the likes of which have been unheard since 1999. Candidates are moving into control, and without the right calculations in the battle for candidates, you will be losing top prospects to competitors.

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Six Reasons The War for Talent is Back in Talent Acquisition

Are you ready to make changes to hit the ground running in 2015, or are you expecting business as usual? If you are considering that everything that worked in the past years is going to work next year, you are misguided and will be actively surrendering candidates to competitors. Why? The battlefield is shifting.

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4 Recruiting Trends in 2015 (And How to Succeed)

For recruiters, it’s always about being on the cutting edge—technology, candidate leads, even psychological selling points—and this will help you get your 2015 recruiting strategies in place before it’s too late.

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Is There a Dark Side of Social Recruiting?

Social Recruiting. More than a buzzword, this practice has become a norm in recruiting employees of all levels. However, as with every other great trend that is “changing the face of the human resources industry (or any other industry, for that matter),” new information shows that companies may be failing at social recruiting.

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Why Working with Recruiters is Common Sense

A boom in the economy means that hiring continues to increase, more and more jobs are created, and competition for top talent becomes more intense. This means that companies are trying to keep their talent or find the right talent even more aggressively. Business is evolving, and you need to be hiring on all cylinders in order to adapt or die.

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The Highs and Lows of the Most Recent Employment Report

We are pleased to report that the unemployment rate is finally dropping, hiring is increasing across the board, and employers are making strides to hire strategically. However, just as every cloud has a silver lining, this growth is now putting additional stresses on internal hiring managers—Reports say that filling open positions is harder than ever. How is this happening, and how can you make the most from this?

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Using Executive Assessments To Predict Employment Success

As all leaders know, the process of hiring a new executive or key manager is difficult and complex. It involves trying to determine if candidates’ qualifications meet the needs of the organization; if they have potential to be successful in the role and can continue to grow over time; how they “fit” with the culture; and how to best ensure they can come up to speed quickly.

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4 Essential Steps for Hiring Senior Executives

Although every hiring decision is important, the hiring of a senior executive is one of the most critical to successfully reaching your organization’s goals. It will be these top-level executives that ultimately make the key decisions that drive company growth, including hiring and/or approving additional hires.

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Recruiting: 6 Tips for Employers to Develop a Sales Pitch

A key part of your strategy for attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent is to first determine why a candidate will want this position and also why he’ll want to work for your company. You need to be able to sell both the job opportunity, and your company.

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