Candidate for Job Interviewing

Recruiter’s Advice about the Changing Job Market

The national unemployment rate is currently at 3.8%, with some markets being as low as 2.4%. This is creating a new normal for employers – we are in a candidate driven market.

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Vacation Time Off

What Does Your Vacation Policy Say to New Hires?

Vacation time. All companies offer it, but many times it can become a sticking point during hiring negotiations because there are still many companies out there who wish to stick with older, outdated corporate vacation policies.

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Two Men Discussing compensation at work

This is Awkward – Discussing Pay with Employees

While communicating pay changes is usually good news, for many managers there is stress associated with this activity, and rightfully so. Why is communicating about pay so hard?

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Two people interviewing

Listening Strategies for the Interview Process

One key element that can make make a difference between interview success and failure is knowing the difference between listening to understand and listening to hear.

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Person moving out of their office

Turnover in Leadership Can Be an Opportunity

In today’s job market when one of your senior executives decides it is time to leave and gives notice, do not panic. Use this time to regroup, assess, plan and then execute.

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Man looking out office Window

Trends and Challenges in Long-Term Incentive Plans

Turnover at the executive level is high. This has placed greater emphasis on compensation packages that can not only attract but retain executives. One component of executive compensation packages getting increased attention is the long-term incentive.

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Man getting year end bonus

Year-End Bonuses Impact the Hiring Process

Companies looking to hire at the end of the year need to face the fact that many currently employed candidates have earned bonuses that will be paid out between December 31st and March 31st.

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Two people Shaking Hands

Two Easy Ways to Lose Out on Quality Candidates

Some organizations find themselves putting in hours of effort, only to have their top candidates decline an offer. Why is that?

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People meeting each other

How Authentic Networking Leads to Growth

I will forever be grateful to the supervisor who encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and meet new people.

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Two people reviewing a counter offer

Compelling Reasons You Shouldn’t Take a Counteroffer

What do you do? Should you take it?

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