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5 Things to Know About Severance Packages

Severance packages may not be the most popular topic because of their association with terminations, but it is an important one for every employee and employer to understand!

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New Year Trends in Compensation Consulting

Bottom line, executive compensation in non-profits needs to be competitive to attract and retain key talent! Overall, base salaries in the non-profit sector are competitive with for-profit companies, but there is still a gap in total cash compensation.

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5 Ways Contractors Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

In the modern business world, the need for hiring independent contractors has increased due to the efficiency and flexibility of their work. While they do not take the place of employees, there is a place for contractors to help your company reach their goals.

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Reasons to Update Your Resume

Believe it or not, your resume is not about getting a new job! Yes, you will need to polish it before participating in the next executive search but think of your resume instead as your personal marketing tool.

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3 Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

nowing what strategies to implement and what mistakes to avoid are crucial in your hiring search. Learning from these three common mistakes can provide you with a better hiring strategy to find the candidate best suited for your company’s needs.

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Video Recruitment: 5 Tips for Success

You may be considering using video to keep costs down or to give you the ability to record and revisit interviews of long distance candidates. Before firing up your normal video conferencing service, consider these five tips for success with video recruitment.

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3 Ways a Thankful Workplace Culture Pays You Back

When employees don’t receive thanks for their hard work and efforts it affects the organization as a whole.

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Prep for Success: Finding the Right C-Suite Successor

Rather than pay the price for the wrong candidate take these steps to ensure success when completing a search as part of your succession planning.

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Managing Performance Minded vs. Results Focused Employees

There are often two different kinds of employees within the workplace: those who are performance minded and those who are results focused. Both of these employee types have leadership advantages and challenges depending on the workplace.

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How to Use Gamification in Your Onboarding Strategy

Played right, introducing ‘game-like’ activities and recognition can be a winning strategy in the first stages of an onboarding plan for your new employees.

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