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Hiring 101: How to Extend an Offer

The search may be done, but the process isn’t. Extending an offer of employment is just as important as recruiting and interviewing!

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5 Ways to Prepare for an Employee’s First Day

It can be easy especially in small businesses to let the pace and demands overtake the best intentions for your employees first day. Let this simple checklist keep you on track to making the most of those first few hours.

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Where to Start? First Questions to Ask in Executive Search

Before the interview process can even begin, it is important for any company to confirm their needs assessment.

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How to Update Your Resume for Digital Viewing

To ensure you stand out, your resume should be compatible with these practices.

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10 Quick Tips for Nonprofit Executive Compensation

All non-profit boards have a fiduciary responsibility to approve “reasonable and not excessive” compensation plans and are able to be held personally liable for excessive compensation. As a board member, you can take an active role in keeping this on track and avoid issues with the IRS or bad media exposure.

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Where’s the Love? Revisit Your Onboarding Plan in 2017

After doing some research, there might be a few minor updates to your current one or it might be beneficial to start with a whole new clean slate in order to get the most from your 2017 onboarding plan.

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5 Rural Recruiting Strategies that Spell Success

You’ve heard the phrase “it’s all about location, location, location” and in job searching that can be especially true.

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How to Prepare for a Successful Interview

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to forget about the front-end work of an interview. Create a Success Profile that communicates the knowledge, competencies, experience and attributes needed for the position and relevant information about the company.

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3 Reasons Employers Value EQ over IQ

Math, science, and technology are the major topics within school programs and college entrance exams that are supposed to prepare your future employees with the technical skills required to complete their jobs. So why is it that 1 in 3 hiring managers say that there is a factor more important than a candidates’ cognitive ability?

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No Pain, No Gain: Organizational Change and Its Benefits

The concept of change is oftentimes daunting for leaders but there are major benefits that can be gained when a company embraces it the right way.

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