How to Interview and Assess Your Candidates’ Success

September 5, 2017


When speaking with candidates it is important to listen for keywords and successfully identify the multiple areas that are important to the position you are looking to fill, but wait 30 minutes after interviewing a candidate to establish an opinion. Only after understanding each candidate individually, looking over any notes taken, and reviewing the entirety of each interview can you can make an honest comparison of candidates.

Consider these sections as guidelines to steer you in the direction of the right candidate, allowing you to make the final decision with assured confidence.

One of the first factors is, of course, a person’s level of competency to do the job. Look for technical ability, but also look for technical ability in achieving practical results (Adler, 148). This not only includes their technical skills but also their learning ability. Evolving with an industry is a must in any company, so a person’s willingness to learn and adapt should be required.

Your candidate may prove to be the most skilled at a job, but they are only as good as the work they’re willing to do. This is not a factor you want to compromise on for other traits. Your candidate should be able to pull examples of circumstances where they went the extra mile to get the best possible result. This proves dedication, self-motivation, and persistence. For your own knowledge, go the extra mile and figure out what drives them and the work environments that will help keep them moving such as a socially interactive work environment, or one with a minimal meeting schedule.

Comparability of Past Accomplishments:
Past performance is a great predictor of future performance. Ask for detailed examples of past accomplishments from your candidate. Be cognizant of differences in company size, types of projects, and how they compare to the position you’re filling (Adler, 153). Review the types of decisions made and discuss the complexity of the issues that were resolved so you really have an understanding of how their performance would be applied in your own company.

Management Capabilities:
Don’t get caught up in focusing on individual skills a candidate has. A good interviewing process hones in on planning and organization skills. Assessing a candidate’s ability to complete projects on time and within budget is a major necessity especially when filling a leadership role. Learn how your candidate has helped past teams develop and apply those examples to the appropriate size of members within your company. One who demonstrates an ideal level of management has a track record of barely missing a deadline, can predict problems before they occur, and can handle big projects outside of their scope.

Learning about a person’s character is all about asking the right questions. It’s important to openly ask why a candidate wants to change jobs in the first place as well as learn the reason for their past job changes (Adler, 158). Figure out what aspects of work are most imperative for them to be successful and determine if your company can provide those things. Personal development is a key trait to an ideal employee. This means they must be committed and have a high level of potential (10 Characteristics of High Emotional Intelligence). Ask the candidate for examples of barriers they overcame because of their total commitment to a project or task. A perfect candidate has the character of an all-around role model and sets standards for the rest of their group.

Don’t lose out on a good candidate or waste your time hiring an incapable one due to a weak assessment. Round up these performance capabilities within your notes to predict your candidate’s future capabilities.

There are many more factors to take into consideration when interviewing which can make the final decision a stressful and daunting task. Let the experts handle the interviewing process for you with results you won’t get from anywhere else, contact The Overture Group today.

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