10 Characteristics of High Emotional Intelligence

May 24, 2016


In a recent study, 1 in 3 hiring managers reported placing an increased emphasis on Emotional Intelligence, otherwise known as EQ.

Finding candidates with high EQ has a positive effect on organizational effectiveness and company culture (Ind Psychiatry J).

Fortunately, candidates with a high EQ can stand out from the crowd if you know what you are looking for and here are 10 characteristics to help:

1. Open-Minded.

Taking an honest perspective about what you know and accepting what you don’t know allows opportunities for change and new experiences. This may be a sign of EQ, but it also broadens opportunities that feed into people’s IQ.

2. Articulate Feelings.

It’s not enough to know your emotions. People with high EQ have the ability to describe them to others. This communication is key when working with others that are still learning their emotional triggers and how to handle them.

3. Empathetic.

Not only do high EQ people understand and communicate their own feelings but people with high EQ’s actively seek to understand others’ emotions which in turn reduces drama caused by misunderstandings.

4. Observant.

High EQ people are genuinely curious about everyone. They are constantly fascinated by people’s behaviors and reactions. This further feeds into the empathy noted above.

5. Leads by Example.

No one enjoys a lecture and people with EQ know it! Instead of telling employees what to do, an EQ employee gains influence with others because they lead by example at every level in the organization.

6. Active Listener.

There is a difference between hearing and listening. Emotionally intelligent people are constantly aware of this and when an opportunity presents itself they make efforts to actively listen and comprehend what someone is telling them.

7. Personally Motivated.

Personal development is a priority for a person with high EQ. They enjoy the process of growing themselves and know that this gives them an edge when overcoming obstacles.

8. Helpful.

People with high EQ’s help others. They invest time and effort in to assist people in any way from helping a coworker with a project to holding doors for strangers.

9. Balanced.

There is increasing awareness of the need for work-life balance in today’s workplace culture. Because high EQ people are very self-aware they can easily identify what they need to attain that balance.

10. Transparent.

Honesty is highly valued by high EQ individuals. Whether it is high stakes ethics or being completely honest with the progression of a project, you can count on a high EQ person to tell the truth.

Recruiting talent with Emotional Intelligence requires targeted questions that will draw out these sought after traits.  The Overture Group screens with these focused questions to identify the top candidates. Contact us today!

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