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Chief Culture Champion

Turning Your CEO into Your CCC

Culture: What is it and Why Define it? Learn more about workplace culture and turning your CEO in your CCC (Chief Culture Champion)

Attract and Retain Millennial Talent

Attracting & Retaining Millennial Talent

There are four primary generations in the labor market, and each possesses beneficial skills and workplace preferences. This white paper breaks down said skills and preferences so that you can capitalize on your diverse workforce.

Long Term Incentives

Long Term Incentive Plans

Review the important role long-term incentives play in executive compensation addressing key design considerations, eligibility, tax and more.

Win the War on Talent

Win the War on Talent

How well does your organization attract, motivate and retain key talent? It’s more important than ever to attract the right talent.

C-Suite Study

C-Suite Talent and Workforce Priorities for 2017

Gain perspective from your peers. Vice President and CFO of Eli’s Cheesecake Factory joins The Overture Group to review results of the 2017 C-Suite Talent study.


Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting Strategy: What It Really Takes to Attract Top Talent

The quality of your candidates is directly correlated to your recruiting process. Learn what it really takes to attract top talent.


Executive Assessments

The Value of Executive Assessments in the Hiring Process

Before your new hire starts learn how well they will fit with your company’s culture by conducting cost effective and valuable executive assessments.


Effective HR Leader

How an Effective HR Leader Can Help Drive Results

Your company’s bottom line relies on effective human resource management. Breakdown HR’s role in practices that will shape the future of your company.


Talent Outside the Big City

Recruiting Talent Outside the Big City

The best talent is looking for the best opportunity, period. Determine the distinct advantages of recruiting top executives into rural and non-major markets.


Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition: A Road Map for Success

Preparing for the future is preparing for success. Know your talent acquisition needs for today and tomorrow to develop your road map to success.


Controller or CFO

Controller or CFO? That is the Question

What are the key differences between a Controller and a CFO? Perhaps your needs lie somewhere in the middle with a Shirt-Sleeve CFO.


Onboarding Investment

Onboarding: An Investment in Your Team

It starts with the first impression and ends with a successful long-term employee. Proper onboarding is an investment in your team and in the success of your company.



Long Term Incentives

Management Best Practices: Long-Term Incentives

Stock options are popular, but not always available in executive compensation. Privately held companies have many alternate best practices in long term compensation.


Long Term Incentive Plans

Trends and Challenges with Long-Term Incentives

Strong Long-term Incentives are vital for privately-held companies. Learn the trends and challenges facing these companies today.


New Look of Leadership

The ‘New Look’ Leadership for Middle market Companies

Middle market companies are facing a leadership gap. An ‘Elastic Workforce’ might be the answer that benefits both the company and the experienced executives.


Private Director Association March Newsletter

Are You Ready for an Advisory Board?

Founders understand that they need advice from other executives. Follow these 5 key steps required to set up and maintain an effective advisory board.