Should You Accept A Counter Offer?

March 1, 2022

So, you’ve notified your current employer you’ve accepted another position elsewhere. Then, right as you’re feeling good about your decision, they send you a counter offer.

OGroup-Blog-HandShake-Interview-400x300.jpgWhile most counter offers are salary increases, some employers may offer new titles and benefits to get you to stay.

If you find yourself in this position, it’s normal to feel conflicted. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before responding to your employer:

Why Am I Leaving In The First Place?

If money was the sole factor in your decision to leave, a salary counter offer might be enticing. However, most people who decide to move companies entirely tend to have more reasons.

According to Monster Worldwide, Monster's 2021 poll of 649 employed workers, 32 percent of those looking for new job are driven by burnout and 29 percent for lack of job growth opportunities.

If your current company has a negative work environment, doesn’t listen to feedback, and does not provide opportunity for growth, this will likely remain a problem if you stay. You may have to decide if putting up with the stagnant culture is worth the salary increase.

Do They Want To Meet My Needs, Or Do They Want To Avoid The Hiring Process?

For many managers and company leaders, a counter offer is simply a smart business decision. It does not necessarily mean they care about meeting your needs and recognize you as a valuable team member.

The hiring process can be lengthy, expensive, and exhausting. For them, it may make more financial sense to offer you a raise than to spend months training someone else.

Pay attention to how they received your resignation before presenting the counter offer. If they had an open conversation about why you were leaving and whether or not there’s something they could have done differently, their offer may be worth exploring.

Am I Considering Staying Because I’m Afraid Of Change?

Completely changing jobs can cause a lot of anxiety. You may have a strong friend group, seniority, or great benefits at your current job that make leaving much more difficult.

It’s pretty scary to learn new software, meet new co-workers, and take on brand-new tasks. However, if doing so leads you closer to your long-term career goals, you might just owe it to yourself to take the leap.

Think about where you’d like you career to go in 5 or even 10 years, and whether staying at your current company will help you get there.

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