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3 Ways a Thankful Workplace Culture Pays You Back

When employees don’t receive thanks for their hard work and efforts it affects the organization as a whole.

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Prep for Success: Finding the Right C-Suite Successor

Rather than pay the price for the wrong candidate take these steps to ensure success when completing a search as part of your succession planning.

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Managing Performance Minded vs. Results Focused Employees

There are often two different kinds of employees within the workplace: those who are performance minded and those who are results focused. Both of these employee types have leadership advantages and challenges depending on the workplace.

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How to Use Gamification in Your Onboarding Strategy

Played right, introducing ‘game-like’ activities and recognition can be a winning strategy in the first stages of an onboarding plan for your new employees.

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How to Find Emotionally Intelligent Candidates

Carefully structured interview questions are your golden opportunity to evaluate candidates EQ and lead to employees that have numerous positive effects on the company.

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Controller, CFO, or ‘Shirt-Sleeve CFO’?

Do you need to recruit a Controller, CFO, or a Shirt-Sleeve CFO™? There is no wrong answer, but knowing the answer is essential to your recruitment strategy.

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Tips for Creating an Effective Employment Brand

Currently, only 27% of companies have a formal employment branding program. By creating an effective employment brand, your company can have a competitive edge in the recruiting marketplace.

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10 Characteristics of High Emotional Intelligence

Finding candidates with high EQ has a positive effect on organizational effectiveness and company culture (Ind Psychiatry J). Fortunately, candidates with a high EQ can stand out from the crowd if you know what you are looking for and here are 10 characteristics to help.

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Tips for A Good Mobile Recruiting Strategy

With the vast majority of job seekers interacting with mobile devices, it is important to keep up with the trends. Ask yourself these three questions as you prepare your strategy to attract the right candidates!

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First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Onboarding

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This immortal quote from actor Will Rogers is true on any stage, and is especially true in the workplace setting.

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