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Phone Interview Tips

Phone Interview Do’s & Don’ts

With today’s global economy, phone interviews are standard practice in the first stages of the hiring process. Time constraints and lack of nonverbal cues make them tricky to master, but The Overture Group has prepared a guide for the complete Do’s and Don’ts of phone interviewing. Phone Interviewing Tips Phone interviews can determine whether or not you are asked [...] READ MORE

5 Resume Fixes for All Job Seekers

Even if you aren’t currently applying for jobs, you should still devote some time to updating your resume. Sprucing up a few things on your resume will make all the difference when a new job opportunity pops up and your resume will be ready to go. If you’re looking to catch the recruiter’s attention, make [...] READ MORE

9 Ways of Measuring Talent and Recruiting Efforts

Avoiding a hiring mistake and trying to retain the best talent takes more effort than one might think. The competition for the best talent is increasing and agencies are faced with more hiring challenges. Though, having a strong recruitment staff and program that keeps track of the metrics listed below will help pinpoint the main [...] READ MORE

Unexpected Hiring Tips for CIO’s Building an IT Team

Finding a great IT team to tackle all the technical challenges that happen on a daily basis may seem out of reach for some chief information officers. However, there are a few tips and tricks to finding the real IT all-stars your IT department and CIO needs. READ MORE

Do Yearly Performance Reviews Actually Increase Performance?

Year after year, companies have slowly ditched the traditional performance review. The reason? Management hasn’t noticed improvement after appraisals were given. According to an academic review by WSJ, two-thirds of appraisals given to 600 employees had zero effects on the employee’s performance. READ MORE

Inbound Recruiting

Hiring Secrets: The Rise of Content Recruiting

You know social recruiting and you know employer branding, but there is one thing that employers have ignored in their quest to source both passive candidates and active job seekers. That secret? Content Recruiting: The practice of using content marketing to brand and promote your company, and acquire and retain top talent. READ MORE

2015 War for Talent

A Hiring Manager’s Brief Guide to the 2015 Fight for Talent

Starting to notice more vacancies, fewer employees, and more resignation letters? More and more people are changing jobs, and hiring managers are scrambling to keep up. It’s a fight for talent, and the best candidates will not be around for long when they hit the market (if they hit the market at all). READ MORE

Retention Strategies for Companies of All Sizes

4 Retention Strategies for Companies Not Named Google

Even the smallest companies have the tools available to them to engage, acquire, and retain employees. Maybe you don’t have a private chef, or a Nordic country level time-off package, or even a ping pong table, but there are ways to keep the best employees from leaving in 2015. Although it could be as simple [...] READ MORE

Job Hopper Hiring

Is it Safe to Hire a Job Hopper?

If you were presented the candidate who matches every single need of your organization, but he or she had acquired the skills, traits, and history in brief stints; what would you do? We’d like to dispel some of the myths that come with job hoppers in the 21st century, and point out some statistics that [...] READ MORE

LinkedIn Guide

The A-I-D-A Guide to Building the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

AIDA—Attention. Interest. Desire (Decision). Action. If you’ve worked in sales or marketing, or seen the first 20 minutes of the classic movie Glengarry Glen Ross, you know what it means. But how can you transfer this, as a job seeker, to your LinkedIn profile? It’s easier than you think. READ MORE