Overture Institute

5 Major Benefits Companies Receive from Consistent Training

Training is not just for the first week.  As companies recognize shorter and shorter employee tenures, many organizations seek ways to keep the best employees and allow them to succeed strategically.  But what can your company do to ensure the best employees understand their value and are allowed room for growth? READ MORE

Bridging The Skills Gap

5 Tips to Bridge the Skills Gap

What is the skills gap, how is it affecting the growth of American Companies, and what can employers do to find the right employees?  How can you, as a company, overcome the gap and provide long-term company returns? A recent HR Bartender article takes a look at the key training and recruiting strategies that can [...] READ MORE

Strategy And Culture

Strategy and Culture: Aligning the Two for Long Term Employee Buy-In

Strategy versus culture. Culture versus strategy.  The age old battle.  Recruiters, human resource departments, and companies as a whole have struggled to understand and agree on which is more important to bringing overall organizational success.  But what can you do to ensure that you are properly cultivating both? READ MORE

Training Program

6 Functions Your Training Program Should Not Miss

The degree to which employees in your organization are “engaged” (meaning truly committed to an organization’s success vs. “doing a job”) has been shown to have a direct impact on profitability. A motivated, engaged and well-trained workforce can help increase value-added revenue per employee by $5,000 to $10,000 and sometimes even more. READ MORE

TIps for Leaders

7 Tips for Developing Strategic Leaders

According to a 2013 study by Management Research Group (MRG) published in the Harvard Business Review, 97 percent of a group of 10,000 senior executives stated strategic thinking is the most critical leadership skill when it comes to the success of an organization. READ MORE

CFO Questions

3 Role Review Questions CFOs Should Ask

Often times, those in the management role see annual performance reviews as a process required by HR.  Various polls also show that employees don’t find much usefulness in the review process due to their formality and infrequency. However, there is a great deal of value to be found in taking the initiative to check in [...] READ MORE

High Employee Turnover

6 Reasons Your Employee Turnover is High

Do see value in keeping your employees happy? You should. Companies that value low employee turnover rates see much more long-term success than companies that recycle and use up unmotivated employees. A recent article in HR Professionals Magazine explains 6 key issues that keep employees from staying at companies long-term. READ MORE

Developing Talent

CFO Network’s Top Recommendations for Developing Talent

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal CFO Journal reported the CFO Network task force’s top recommendations for companies handling some of today’s biggest challenges. The WSJ CFO Network brings together leading chief financial officers from the world’s largest corporations to discuss the most pressing issues facing their companies. READ MORE