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Executive Tenure

The New Look of Executive Tenure

There has been a major demographic shift due to baby boomers retiring from the workforce. With this large sector that holds a number of executive level positions exiting the market, companies now have to sit up and pay attention to executive retention. 55% of executives have worked for 2-3 organizations at the executive management level [...] READ MORE

Office Workforce

More Than Money: Compensation Consulting to Retain Your Workforce

Your company takes the time to recruit the right candidate, now how do you make sure they want to stay? According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, 90% of companies give raises on the same day once a year, but that is not enough. Top organizations, such as GE Company, are moving away from annual [...] READ MORE

Retention Strategies for Companies of All Sizes

4 Retention Strategies for Companies Not Named Google

Even the smallest companies have the tools available to them to engage, acquire, and retain employees. Maybe you don’t have a private chef, or a Nordic country level time-off package, or even a ping pong table, but there are ways to keep the best employees from leaving in 2015. Although it could be as simple [...] READ MORE

Employee Appreciation

Showing Gratitude to Employees All Year (Without Breaking the Bank)

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, employers are looking for unique opportunities to show gratitude to employees for their hard work and dedication each day.  But why focus on a single day to do so? Just as once-yearly performance reviews create stress, once-yearly displays of gratitude appear cliché and forced—if employees receive shows of gratitude at all.  [...] READ MORE

Search and Team Building

The SEARCH Acronym and Its Effect on Team Building

Do you want to empower your team to grow and lead? Do you want to create a viable HR strategy focused on communication, teamwork, and leadership development? A wise person once said, “if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.” Hiring bigger than you [...] READ MORE

Strategy And Culture

Strategy and Culture: Aligning the Two for Long Term Employee Buy-In

Strategy versus culture. Culture versus strategy.  The age old battle.  Recruiters, human resource departments, and companies as a whole have struggled to understand and agree on which is more important to bringing overall organizational success.  But what can you do to ensure that you are properly cultivating both? READ MORE

Talent Management

Why HR Should Focus on Talent Management in 2014

Following a year of economic pressure on companies’ recruitment and talent management divisions, 2014 is prediction to bring the much needed winds of change. But what should HR leaders be focusing on in this upcoming year? READ MORE

Employee Retention

Tips for Employee Retention in 2014

Since 2008’s economic slump, many companies have been focusing on restructuring, and ultimately recovery rather than growth. However, with the economy picking up, 2014 is sure to be a year of transition and accelerated growth for many of these same companies. This period of growth will lead to increased competition for top talent between you [...] READ MORE

6 Steps to Acquiring & Retaining Talent

If your company wants to attract, recruit and retain key talent, you need to have a well-thought-out approach. Our whitepaper entitled Talent Acquisition: A road map for success has taken input from our middle market clients and developed a road map that outlines six critical steps for acquiring talent. READ MORE