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Work-Life Balance: The Way Millennials Do It

Millennials have consistently been known for making ‘work-life balance‘ a high priority. The ideal work-life balance allows the millennial to be part of a winning organization and remain involved in their community. Millennials seek employers who have established flexible work environments that allow them to learn, and earn, more overtime. Flexibility: Flexibility is regarded by millennials [...] READ MORE


How to Interview and Assess Your Candidates’ Success

When speaking with candidates it is important to listen for keywords and successfully identify the multiple areas that are important to the position you are looking to fill, but wait 30 minutes after interviewing a candidate to establish an opinion. Only after understanding each candidate individually, looking over any notes taken, and reviewing the entirety [...] READ MORE

6 Barriers Candidates Face in Accepting Your Offer

If you have picked your top candidate, you may be surprised to learn that they are hesitating to accept the offer. You can turn those barriers into hurdles that can be overcome. First, learn what they are and take the steps below to secure your ideal candidate: 1. Family Relocation This isn’t just whether or [...] READ MORE

Hiring Mistakes

The Cost of Making Hiring Mistakes

Time. Effort. Productivity. Quality. Morale. What do all of these factors have in common? They are all aspects of your business that are affected when hiring mistakes are made. As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. In fact, according to a Global HR Research article: 25% of companies reported [...] READ MORE

IQ vs EQ

IQ vs. EQ: What is Emotional Intelligence and Why does it Matter?

Why is it that 70% of the time people with an average IQ outperform those with high IQs? The answer lies in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). So what is EQ? Daniel Goleman, a New York Times science writer and Harvard trained psychologist, published a book in the 1990’s highlighting the work of Peter Salovey and John [...] READ MORE

talent hiring scope survey

Announcing the 1st Annual Talent Scope C-Suite Survey

The Leadership Group is conducting a brief and anonymous survey sponsored by The Overture Group. The Leadership Group is a career development and networking group comprised of C-Suite executives. What the survey is seeking to discover: Top talent/workforce priorities Hiring trends Use of contingent/contract/temporary employees Departments that are challenging to attract/retain talent Competitiveness and effectiveness of [...] READ MORE

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Attract Candidates to your Company

Whether you are a big business with a Starbucks in your lobby or a small startup company, attracting a talented workforce is important. According to a Willis Towers Watson Study, 65% of companies are experiencing problems attracting top performers. There are ways in today’s highly competitive market to ensure that you are attracting the right [...] READ MORE

Why Candidates Are Not Interested In Your Company

Finding the right executive talent to ensure your company’s success is challenging, especially when you’re in a time crunch. All it takes is a more thorough understanding of what the candidate is looking for in a company, in order to present the most effective job and company description. Job seekers typically do their own research, [...] READ MORE

Companies are Stumped by Assessment Tools for Finding the Right Talent

Let’s face it, not many people can predict the future very accurately, especially not hiring managers. Human resources software is not any better at predicting potential candidates, with an array of metrics such as 401(k) contributions and promotions that a potential candidate may have. According to a WSJ article, a software company called Ultimate Software [...] READ MORE

Defying Hiring Challenges in a Candidate-Driven Market

In a robust economy, many organizations are eagerly seeking new talent. However, some companies do not have the time or resources to orchestrate the hiring process, let alone finding the right candidate. This is why The Overture Group team is committed to orchestrating an entire recruitment process to ensure success for both the company and [...] READ MORE