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5 Rural Recruiting Strategies that Spell Success

You’ve heard the phrase “it’s all about location, location, location” and in job searching that can be especially true. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, rural and non-major markets may not have recovered from the 2007 Recession at the same rate as urban markets, but does that put them at a disadvantage when [...] READ MORE

Video Interviewing

Video Recruitment: 5 Tips for Success

Ready, Set, Wait! It’s time to hire your next executive and professional positions, but the market competition is high. If your company is in a rural or non-major market, you still want the best and brightest people, but you will face a bigger challenge in attracting  the best talent. You may find that your recruitment [...] READ MORE

EQ Interview Questions

How to Find Emotionally Intelligent Candidates

Many companies work hard to improve the emotional intelligence of the workforce, but Mariah Deleon, Vice President of Glassdoor suggests the best way to improve your company’s EQ is to hire it! Carefully structured interview questions are your golden opportunity to evaluate candidates EQ and lead to employees that have numerous positive effects on the [...] READ MORE

Shirt Sleeve CFO

Controller, CFO, or ‘Shirt-Sleeve CFO’?

Do you need to recruit a Controller, CFO, or a Shirt-Sleeve CFOTM? There is no wrong answer, but knowing the answer is essential to your recruitment strategy. It is one of the most important decisions you will make as a company leader! So what is the difference? The difference lies in the focus and function [...] READ MORE

Emotional Intelligence

10 Characteristics of High Emotional Intelligence

In a recent study, 1 in 3 hiring managers reported placing an increased emphasis on Emotional Intelligence, otherwise known as EQ. Finding candidates with high EQ has a positive effect on organizational effectiveness and company culture (Ind Psychiatry J). Fortunately, candidates with a high EQ can stand out from the crowd if you know what [...] READ MORE

Mobile Recruiting Strategy

Recruiting Trends: Tips for your Mobile Recruiting Strategy

There is no question about it; mobile technology has changed the way that we live our lives. It is influencing every area and recruiting is no exception. MarketWatch recently published the results of a survey indicating that 90% of job seekers have utilized mobile devices during their search. It is not just in one area [...] READ MORE

Hiring Mistakes

The Cost of Making Hiring Mistakes

Time. Effort. Productivity. Quality. Morale. What do all of these factors have in common? They are all aspects of your business that are affected when hiring mistakes are made. As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. In fact, according to a Global HR Research article: 25% of companies reported [...] READ MORE

talent hiring scope survey

Announcing the 1st Annual Talent Scope C-Suite Survey

The Leadership Group is conducting a brief and anonymous survey sponsored by The Overture Group. The Leadership Group is a career development and networking group comprised of C-Suite executives. What the survey is seeking to discover: Top talent/workforce priorities Hiring trends Use of contingent/contract/temporary employees Departments that are challenging to attract/retain talent Competitiveness and effectiveness of [...] READ MORE

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Attract Candidates to your Company

Whether you are a big business with a Starbucks in your lobby or a small startup company, attracting a talented workforce is important. According to a Willis Towers Watson Study, 65% of companies are experiencing problems attracting top performers. There are ways in today’s highly competitive market to ensure that you are attracting the right [...] READ MORE

Office Workforce

More Than Money: Compensation Consulting to Retain Your Workforce

Your company takes the time to recruit the right candidate, now how do you make sure they want to stay? According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, 90% of companies give raises on the same day once a year, but that is not enough. Top organizations, such as GE Company, are moving away from annual [...] READ MORE