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Employee Starting Line

Why You Should Always Follow Up with Your New Employees

When you have the right new hire you want to ensure that their employment is a marathon rather than a sprint. In marathons, as with new hires, the start line is exciting and the crowds will be there to cheer you on, but it is the aid stations or check points along the way that [...] READ MORE


Onboarding Done Right: Questions to Ask 90 Days After Hire

A smooth and focused onboarding process is crucial for the long-term success of new hires at your company. In fact, a 2009 study by the Aberdeen Group of senior executives found that 86 percent of respondents felt that a new hire’s decision to stay with a company long-term is made within the first six months of employment. Communicating [...] READ MORE

Onboarding Importance

First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Onboarding

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This immortal quote from actor Will Rogers is true on any stage, and is especially true in the workplace setting. The first day on the job and orientation processes are critical for companies to make new employees feel welcome. Most companies have well [...] READ MORE

3 Tips for Effectively Attracting and Recruiting Millennials

On-boarding Millennial talent has been on many companies’ radars lately. Larger companies such as Deloitte, Toyota, and IBM are spending record-breaking amounts of money on recruiting Generation Y. Smaller companies are also in search for a young and professional workforce to carry out the future of the company’s success. So why is it important for [...] READ MORE

90 Day Onboarding: Filling the Gap Between Job Openings and Employment

In a recent publication by Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a significant amount of job openings in the United States compared to rate of employment from August 2015. Over 1 million of those job openings, 19.8 percent of the total, were in professional and business services. These professional and business services include accounting, technical, [...] READ MORE

On-Boarding New Hire Success

The First Day: Ensuring New Hire Success

First impressions work both ways.  From an employee’s perspective, it is important to meet the team that he or she will be a part of, impress the managers, and understand in entirety the job role. But too often, managers forget that they are also making an impression on a new hire. If your new hire’s [...] READ MORE


On-­Boarding: The First Year

On-boarding is a crucial process. A successful on-boarding program helps make new employees feel welcome, accelerates a new employee’s contribution and productivity, reduces the risk of turnover and improves customer/client satisfaction. However, many organizations don’t have a comprehensive on-boarding program. READ MORE

On Boarding

Orientation: The First Step to Successful On-Boarding

One of the most common misconceptions about on-boarding is that it is essentially the same thing as orientation. Orientation is only the beginning of a comprehensive on-boarding plan. However, that doesn’t make the orientation process any less important, and many companies fall short on making a great first impression.  READ MORE

New Hire Orientation

Three Steps for a Successful New Hire Orientation

For any company looking to grow and expand, finding and securing new hires is a critical element. The basic orientation process is critical to creating a 1st impression and providing the base for a comprehensive on- boarding plan. The goal of a successful orientation is to get acquainted with each other and to begin a [...] READ MORE


Executive On-boarding – a 90 day plan

By definition, on-boarding is a process to assist the transition of new employees into an organization. How did you feel on the first day of high school? Excited? Scared? How does everyone know where to go, and why does everything seem so normal to them? That feeling is also what new employees feel on their [...] READ MORE