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TIps for Leaders

7 Tips for Developing Strategic Leaders

According to a 2013 study by Management Research Group (MRG) published in the Harvard Business Review, 97 percent of a group of 10,000 senior executives stated strategic thinking is the most critical leadership skill when it comes to the success of an organization. READ MORE

CFO Questions

3 Role Review Questions CFOs Should Ask

Often times, those in the management role see annual performance reviews as a process required by HR.  Various polls also show that employees don’t find much usefulness in the review process due to their formality and infrequency. However, there is a great deal of value to be found in taking the initiative to check in [...] READ MORE

Employee Benefits

Key Strategies for Employee Benefits Evaluation and Administration

Healthcare costs have been rising at three times the rate of inflation over the last ten years. The design, evaluation, and administration of benefit plans have become increasingly complex and impactful as costs rise. Changing demographics in the workplace have made it necessary to offer employee benefit options that attempt to meet different employee needs. READ MORE

High Employee Turnover

6 Reasons Your Employee Turnover is High

Do see value in keeping your employees happy? You should. Companies that value low employee turnover rates see much more long-term success than companies that recycle and use up unmotivated employees. A recent article in HR Professionals Magazine explains 6 key issues that keep employees from staying at companies long-term. READ MORE

Managing Teams

Managing a Diverse Team: Challenges and Benefits

In an increasingly digital and globalized society, the days of managing a standardized team of people from the same culture or background, or even the same time zone are in the past. The popularity of people regularly telecommuting between 2005 and 2011 (either full or part time), has increased by 73%. This makes it possible to [...] READ MORE

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform: Key Definitions Every Employer Should Know

Although the original January 2014 deadline for employer mandate provisions has been pushed back a year, many HR managers are still wondering how the Affordable Care Act (also referred to as “ObamaCare”) will impact their company. The law requires large employers to offer affordable and adequate health care insurance coverage to their full-time employees or [...] READ MORE