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No Regrets

Skip the Regret: 3 Things to Learn Early in Your Career

Regret is a word that comes with a lot of weight. All decisions great or small come first with the question of whether it is the right choice. There are three simple components to ensure that regret does not become part of your vocabulary when describing your career: Choose Your Path Carefully Whether you are [...] READ MORE

EQ and Hiring Managers

3 Reasons Employers Value EQ over IQ

Math, science, and technology are the major topics within school programs and college entrance exams that are supposed to prepare your future employees with the technical skills required to complete their jobs. So why is it that 1 in 3 hiring managers say that there is a factor more important than a candidates’ cognitive ability? [...] READ MORE

Performance vs. Results Minded

Managing Performance Minded vs. Results Focused Employees

There are often two different kinds of employees within the workplace: those who are performance minded and those who are results focused. Performance Minded: works to achieve a valuable, strategic process to get tasks done efficiently. Focuses on doing a good, quality job Betters their abilities Consistently looks for improved strategies to help advance the [...] READ MORE

IQ vs EQ

IQ vs. EQ: What is Emotional Intelligence and Why does it Matter?

Why is it that 70% of the time people with an average IQ outperform those with high IQs? The answer lies in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). So what is EQ? Daniel Goleman, a New York Times science writer and Harvard trained psychologist, published a book in the 1990’s highlighting the work of Peter Salovey and John [...] READ MORE

Management Succession Plans

Management Succession Planning: Why You Should Start Today

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” This famous saying by American investor and industrialist, Warren Buffett, paints a broad picture about the need to look ahead in any planning effort. This rings especially true for succession planning. Yet, a 2016 U.S. Trust Survey revealed that nearly [...] READ MORE

Does Your Nonprofit Organization Have a Culture Problem?

Your nonprofit organization should provide an environment that encourages high performance, retention and engagement among all employees. If you sense your organization lacking in these areas, perhaps it’s time for a cultural needs assessment. Here are 5 signs provided by Nonprofit HR, that your organization may have a culture problem,   5 Warning Signs 1. [...] READ MORE

Improving Company Performance with a CFO and CSO Partnership

Improving a company’s performance and promising growth every year is a lot for any c-suite executive to take on. Making key decisions that will help your company face short-term and long-term obstacles will require much more than a chief strategy officer (CSO) alone. Understanding the various roles that CFOs take on frequently intertwines with the [...] READ MORE

The High Demand for a Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)

Let’s face it, the chief financial officer can’t possibly be responsible for all the numbers. CFO’s are looking for a chief accounting officer to be their right hand and take on the burden of producing accurate financial filings. Companies are hiring more CAO’s to free up the CFO’s time to do more strategic work externally. [...] READ MORE

Succession Planning Strategies

Finding Tomorrow’s Leader Today: An Overview of Succession Planning

Succession planning, finding a qualified individual to continue the success of your company, is one of the most complex and stressful tasks for any manager or executive. This is so hard, in fact, that 39% of respondents in a Stanford survey feel that there are no internal candidates who are “ready now” to immediately assume [...] READ MORE


Workaholism Could Be Killing Your Career

Are you a workaholic? Do you pride yourself on your long hours and think that said extended hours are making you more successful on the job?  We have some bad news for you—your workaholic lifestyle isn’t helping you look better and could actually be detrimental to your career growth. America’s Best-Dressed Addiction Workaholics often see themselves [...] READ MORE