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The Gift That Keeps on Giving! Reasons to Update Your Resume

Believe it or not, your resume is not about getting a new job! Yes, you will need to polish it before participating in the next executive search but think of your resume instead as your personal marketing tool. Keep that tool sharp and it will help you advance in leadership positions right where you are. [...] READ MORE

Tailoring Your Resume to a Specific Role

You’d be surprised by how many recruiters see the same generic resume continuously. Some job seekers fail to tailor their resumes to a specific job they are applying for and as a result, recruiters pass on applicants that lack originality. It’s clear that not every role requires the same skills and experience. A CFO in [...] READ MORE

5 Resume Fixes for All Job Seekers

Even if you aren’t currently applying for jobs, you should still devote some time to updating your resume. Sprucing up a few things on your resume will make all the difference when a new job opportunity pops up and your resume will be ready to go. If you’re looking to catch the recruiter’s attention, make [...] READ MORE

Resume Skim Test

Is Your Resume Failing the Skim Test?

It is estimated that the average recruiter spends just 6 seconds looking over a resume and a typical job opening in the corporate setting will receive about 250 resumes. This means you have very little time to stand out against a whole lot of competition. Therefore, you need to make every word on your resume [...] READ MORE

Resume Update

7 Reasons Your Resume Should Never Be Outdated

According to a 2012 survey from Jobvite.com, 75% of employees are seeking a new job or open to hearing about one. For obvious reasons, these candidates would want to have the most updated and relevant resumes. What about the other 25% who are content with their current position and have no intention of moving anywhere [...] READ MORE