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Digital Resume

How to Update Your Resume for Digital Viewing

As the talent recruitment industry embraces digital strategies, your techniques as a job seeker need to match. Many companies review resumes electronically. Some have even moved toward using applicant tracking systems to facilitate the process. To ensure you stand out, your resume should be compatible with these practices. The Overture Group has tips for how to update your resume. Format [...] READ MORE

Social Media and You

Caution Ahead: Social Media & You

Reaching out on social media to friends and those we love has now become easier than ever. However, after the recent Harvard student fiasco, now is a good time to think about your personal social media accounts. Although this example pertains to students, the subject of being cautious about what you personally post can be [...] READ MORE

Interview Questions

Top 10 Executive Interview Questions

Every candidate has strengths and weaknesses. Each has successes and failures. Evaluating these with the right questions during the interview process is critical, because selecting the wrong candidate will cost you both time and money particularly when recruiting executive level positions. Finding the right management and executive candidates will require you to go beyond the [...] READ MORE

Successful Interview

How to Prepare for a Successful Interview

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to forget about the front-end work of an interview. Create a Success Profile that communicates the knowledge, competencies, experience and attributes needed for the position and relevant information about the company. Lacking an internal interview process not only creates confusion and misunderstandings but it reflects [...] READ MORE


The Gift That Keeps on Giving! Reasons to Update Your Resume

Believe it or not, your resume is not about getting a new job! Yes, you will need to polish it before participating in the next executive search but think of your resume instead as your personal marketing tool. Keep that tool sharp and it will help you advance in leadership positions right where you are. [...] READ MORE

Video Interviewing

Video Recruitment: 5 Tips for Success

Ready, Set, Wait! It’s time to hire your next executive and professional positions, but the market competition is high. If your company is in a rural or non-major market, you still want the best and brightest people, but you will face a bigger challenge in attracting  the best talent. You may find that your recruitment [...] READ MORE

Tailoring Your Resume to a Specific Role

You’d be surprised by how many recruiters see the same generic resume continuously. Some job seekers fail to tailor their resumes to a specific job they are applying for and as a result, recruiters pass on applicants that lack originality. It’s clear that not every role requires the same skills and experience. A CFO in [...] READ MORE

Job Seeker’s Guide to Making a Virtual Interview Impression

Nowadays, hiring managers are using more cost effective yet efficient ways to get passed the interview process. The phone interview is one way to reduce travel costs but with today’s technology, more and more interviewers are choosing a video or Skype interview, especially if the position is out of state or country. Being on camera may [...] READ MORE

How to ace a phone interview

Job Seeker’s Guide to Mastering the Phone Interview

The phone interview. Loved by hiring managers, often despised by job seekers, this cost effective and introductory phase of the interview process comes across as the easiest way to narrow down a list of candidates. This step, the first in the path to your next job, needs to go smoothly. READ MORE

Confidence in a Job Interview

How to Project Confidence in an Interview

As a job seeker, there are many things that go wrong throughout the process.  From improper formatting in your resume or cover letter to sounding apprehensive in your phone interview, one small move could cost you your next career step.  But, for all intents and purposes, you did all of this right (due in part [...] READ MORE