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Executive Profile

Profile of a Quality Executive Hire

When travelling you have a destination in mind, when hiring you must have a success profile of your ideal executive in mind. A success profile is your definition of superior performance in the job you are hiring for. It describes six to eight performance objectives the person hired for the job must do to be [...] READ MORE

Recruit Now

When to Recruit

If the recruitment process was easy, firms would not need to hire executive search consultants like The Overture Group. In a world where more and more businesses are taking their recruiting online, the first question is to know when the optimal time should be to start the recruiting process. The answer? Always. Don’t just wait [...] READ MORE

Executive Tenure

The New Look of Executive Tenure

There has been a major demographic shift due to baby boomers retiring from the workforce. With this large sector that holds a number of executive level positions exiting the market, companies now have to sit up and pay attention to executive retention. 55% of executives have worked for 2-3 organizations at the executive management level [...] READ MORE

C-Suite Executive Search

Where to Start? First Questions to Ask in Executive Search

As a top executive search firm, we are constantly striving to connect an organization’s leadership needs with the right candidate’s leadership abilities. However, before the interview process can even begin, it is important for any company to confirm their needs assessment: Do You Have a Clear Sense of Values? It is crucial that everyone is [...] READ MORE

Defying Hiring Challenges in a Candidate-Driven Market

In a robust economy, many organizations are eagerly seeking new talent. However, some companies do not have the time or resources to orchestrate the hiring process, let alone finding the right candidate. This is why The Overture Group team is committed to orchestrating an entire recruitment process to ensure success for both the company and [...] READ MORE

Writing A Job Description

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Effective Job Description

As more and more jobs are created in the private sector, the best candidates will be inundated with more and more career listings from which to choose.  How can you write a description tailored to get the right talent applying for the right roles?  We’ve compiled a list of 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts that [...] READ MORE

Hiring Senior Executives

4 Essential Steps for Hiring Senior Executives

Although every hiring decision is important, the hiring of a senior executive is one of the most critical to successfully reaching your organization’s goals. It will be these top-level executives that ultimately make the key decisions that drive company growth, including hiring and/or approving additional hires. READ MORE

Recruiting Tips

Recruiting Tips: 4 Personality Types You’ll Have to Close

A large part of how successful your recruiting efforts will be is based on how well you can read a candidate. This includes understanding more than just what they’re looking for, but what motivates and drives a particular candidate to take action. This understanding of what truly motivates a candidate will impact how you close, [...] READ MORE

5 Strategies for Recruiting in Rural Areas

Despite continued high unemployment, many companies struggle to hire qualified talent, particularly for executive and professional positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2010 and 2020 job growth will be 15.7% for accountants, 20.5% for human resources professionals and 22.2% for certain technology roles. These factors create a difficult recruiting environment for many employers. READ MORE

Recruiting MBA Students

Recruiters Look to Approach MBA Students Earlier

With signs of the US economy improving, MBA programs are reporting more companies are starting their recruiting efforts earlier than ever before. While some argue this is a sign of good things to come, administrators worry students will be ill prepared to start engaging with recruiters so early on. READ MORE