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Nonprofit Compensation

9 Questions to Ask About Non-Profit Executive Compensation

To avoid issues with the IRS, and the public, nonprofit organizations have to be conscientious when making decisions regarding executive compensation. Finding a healthy balance of competitive, but not excessive, compensation is essential. Overpaying executives can lead to a decline in donations and volunteer resources and, in extreme situations, an organization could lose its nonprofit status. The [...] READ MORE

Compensation Trends

2018 Salary Increases Continue a Long-Term Trend

Its déjà vu all over again. Yes, the phenomenon of having the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. Nearly every company in WorldatWork’s annual salary survey is planning modest salary increases for 2018. The average projected increase is 3%, the same increase for the past six years. [...] READ MORE

Trump Tax Plan

5 Ways the Trump Tax Plan May Influence Executive Compensation

In April, President Trump officially proposed major changes to the tax code to go into effect in 2018. His proposal includes tax reforms that would reduce marginal tax rates for individuals and businesses. If the legislation passes, here are just a few features of his plan that will effect companies and their compensation programs: Reducing [...] READ MORE

Executive NonProfit Compensation

10 Quick Tips to Stay on Track with Nonprofit Executive Compensation

All non-profit boards have a fiduciary responsibility to approve “reasonable and not excessive” compensation plans and are able to be held personally liable for excessive compensation. As a board member, you can take an active role in keeping this on track and avoid issues with the IRS or bad media exposure.   Over the years, [...] READ MORE

New Year Compensation Consulting

New Year Trends in Compensation Consulting

Bottom line, executive compensation in non-profits needs to be competitive to attract and retain key talent! Overall, base salaries in the non-profit sector are competitive with for-profit companies, but there is still a gap in total cash compensation. While healthcare organizations tend to pay higher than other non-profits, Charity Navigator, a national evaluator of charities, [...] READ MORE