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Top 10 Executive Interview Questions

Every candidate has strengths and weaknesses. Each has successes and failures. Evaluating these with the right questions during the interview process is critical, because selecting the wrong candidate will cost you both time and money particularly when recruiting executive level positions.

Finding the right management and executive candidates will require you to go beyond the traditional interview questions and evaluate their abilities to create vision and strategies, influence change, negotiate internally and externally, as well as their ability to manage and measure progress.  Take these 10 questions and find out the essential experience and abilities of your candidates! (Kaushik Pramanik)

Vision & Strategy.

  1. How important is the vision to transform an organization or the business landscape?
  2. Is strategy development or strategy execution more important? Why?
  3. What are the differences and similarities between a strategic solution and a tactical solution?

Influence & Negotiation.

  1. How do you lead teams that are cross-functional, cross-divisional or cross-regional? What challenges do you expect?
  2. How do you negotiate with key stakeholders and key business partners to achieve the win-win solution?
  3. What are the key qualities of an organizational and business leader?

Management & Measurement.

  1. How do you govern a large-scale program or projects? What are the key requirements?
  2. Briefly explain industry standards for Change Management, Program Management and Project Management?
  3. Describe your past involvement in annual budget processes and management accounting.
  4. How do you add value to company shareholders? What are the key measurements?


Each of these questions can be tailored to your organization to evaluate the candidate’s qualities. The Overture Group’s unique four-phase approach to search and placement tailors your recruitment and interviewing to identify the right fit for your organization. Contact us today to find out more!

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