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Work-Life Balance: The Way Millennials Do It

Millennials have consistently been known for making ‘work-life balance‘ a high priority. The ideal work-life balance allows the millennial to be part of a winning organization and remain involved in their community. Millennials seek employers who have established flexible work environments that allow them to learn, and earn, more overtime. Flexibility: Flexibility is regarded by millennials [...] READ MORE

Green Light

Giving the Green Light? How To Select The Right Candidate

Are you on the verge of giving the green light to a candidate? Be sure you have answers to all of the right questions before making that vital decision. Have We Spread our Recruiting Net Wide Enough? Use the following sources to ensure that you have maximized your candidate reach: Referrals from Employees and Friends of [...] READ MORE


How to Interview and Assess Your Candidates’ Success

When speaking with candidates it is important to listen for keywords and successfully identify the multiple areas that are important to the position you are looking to fill, but wait 30 minutes after interviewing a candidate to establish an opinion. Only after understanding each candidate individually, looking over any notes taken, and reviewing the entirety [...] READ MORE

Recruit Now

When to Recruit

If the recruitment process was easy, firms would not need to hire executive search consultants like The Overture Group. In a world where more and more businesses are taking their recruiting online, the first question is to know when the optimal time should be to start the recruiting process. The answer? Always. Don’t just wait [...] READ MORE

Social Media and You

Caution Ahead: Social Media & You

Reaching out on social media to friends and those we love has now become easier than ever. However, after the recent Harvard student fiasco, now is a good time to think about your personal social media accounts. Although this example pertains to students, the subject of being cautious about what you personally post can be [...] READ MORE